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Local Administration of the town of Rybnitsa and Rybnitsa district

The first settlements in this territory were known in the first half of the 15-th century.
In 1793 the territory passed to Russia as a result of the second division of Rech Pospolitaya (Poland). In 1797 Rybnitsa became the part of Molokishskaya volost of Balta uyezd of Podolskaya guberniya (administrative units of tsarist Russia).
At the end of the 19-th century a railroad was built there.
Regular navigation through the Dniester started in 1893.
In 1898 the first sugar-refinery with the electric generator was built.
In 1924 Rybnitsa became the settlement of urban type and the district center of Moldavian ASSR.
In 1938 Rybnitsa was given a status of the town.
The total area of the town and district is 850, 2 sq km. The district includes 47 villages. The total number of population is 90 900 people (59 600 – in the town, 31 300 – in the district)
There are 408 enterprises (64 state enterprises, 43 municipal companies, 254 limited liability companies and 30 private firms and enterprises) in Rybnitsa.
They produce steel (966 800 tons), rolled iron (791 000 tons), sugar (2 700 tons), pumps (2 800 items), spirit (122 000 decalitres), cement (244 000 tons).
The overall production is 1, 1 milliard rubles.
121 agricultural enterprises, including 23 kolkhozes, 2 sovkhozes and 96 farms, are functioning. The total area of farming lands is 62 800 ha, the sown area is 42 200 ha.
The educational system includes 39 secondary schools (13 200 pupils), 32 kindergartens (3 900 children), 2 vocational schools (700 students), 3 higher educational institutions (a filiation of Tiraspol State University named after Shevchenko T.G., a filiation of St. Petersburg North-West University, a consultation center of Tiraspol filiation of Moscow Academy of Economics and Law (over 1 600 students).
There are 2 hospitals, 14 first-aid stations, a sanitary and epidemiological station, an ambulance station, 18 chemist’s shops, a sanatorium and a boarding old men and invalids’ home in the town and district.
There are also 32 clubs, 8 museums and 31 libraries (448 100 books) here.
There are 4 sports schools (1 318 children), 150 sports installations, including 37 gymnasiums, 2 swimming-pools, 92 sports grounds in Rybnitsa and Rybnitsa district.

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