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Президент Приднестровья

Pridnestrovie Foreign Minister will sign new deals only if Moldova will keep them

If Moldova can't keep its earlier signed agreement then there is no point in signing any new ones. That is the opinion of Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister,…


OSCE-head in Tiraspol for talks with Transdniestria"s President, Foreign Minister

OSCE chairman-in-office Ilkka Kanerva visited Transdniestria on Thursday for official talks with the unrecognized country's government. In Tiraspol, he met with President Igor Smirnov, Foreign Minister…


Президент Приднестровья

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President’s speech at the meeting with Heads of the pridnestrovian media

Dear friends!Every year at the beginning of May we celebrate your professional holidays - Day of press, Day of radio, television and communication. It’s rather symbolic because the profession of a journalist means energetic activity, the skill to be in the thick of things, constant search and struggle – all that is characteristic for nature in spring.I express my gratitude to you for your hard work, patriotism and professionalism!For 15 v years our Republic has been living, developing, and strengthening its statehood under economic blockades, the political pressure and information diversions. It’s hard to overestimate the role and importance of the media for combating these threats. The skill of our journalists is steadily improving and advancing. The information wars that unfortunately became a tradition in our relations with…

Light of knowledge, light of culture

Despite economic difficulties and unsettlement of some problems, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, as a state, has tried to do its best for intellectual development of its citizens for 13 years. In the book by Smirnov I.N. there are such words: “…That is the psychology of a person: however hard life is, he strives for light and purity, seeing the ray of hope in the darkness. That is man – God’s creation; but those who try to disparage him to animals and consider him to be unthinking consumer of material benefits; those who tries to reveal and cal for his animal instincts, they sin against God’s commandments.Man wouldn’t be man if he didn’t strive after knowledge and the beauty.”First of all, our state tried to settle problems of spiritual…

Priority attention to the support of special categories of people (retired, disabled, widows, orphans, people on very low income) and problems of public health.

The first cause of the formation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic was assertion of the human right to life.To live in this land pridnestrovians struggled against coming nationalism, proclaimed their own state (the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic) and went through the hard years of trial, blockades and aggression of the Republic of Moldova. Despite all difficulties our Republic celebrated its 13-th anniversary on September 2. The state-controlled and socially-oriented market economy is the ultimate aim of the economic development for pridnestrovians.It can’t be otherwise, because it’s impossible to keep the harmony between the economic growth, social stability and development of an individual not taking into account a human factor.The implementation of social and economic programmes, pursuing a policy of market reforms become unreal without an active support of citizens,…