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Pridnestrovie Foreign Minister will sign new deals only if Moldova will keep them

If Moldova can't keep its earlier signed agreement then there is no point in signing any new ones. That is the opinion of Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister,…


OSCE-head in Tiraspol for talks with Transdniestria"s President, Foreign Minister

OSCE chairman-in-office Ilkka Kanerva visited Transdniestria on Thursday for official talks with the unrecognized country's government. In Tiraspol, he met with President Igor Smirnov, Foreign Minister…


Президент Приднестровья

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The Ministry of Agriculture of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

Main targets and functions of the Ministry
I. Main targets
1.1 The Ministry of Agriculture of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is the central executive body that administers the agribussiness in the field of rational use of land and also directs the activity of organizations, including processing enterprises.
1.2 The ministry administers agricultural commercial companies through local boards of agriculture; it runs state-owned agricultural enterprises, concerns and educational institutions.
1.3 The ministry control the use of lands, safety devices, observance of veterinary laws, etc. by farms, industrial cooperative societies, collective and state-owned enterprises, joint-stock ventures and other commercial organizations.
1.4 The ministry draws up and implements economic and legal measures on the public direction and agrarian policy in agriculture and processing raw materials; legal and economic control over market relations in the agribusiness.
1.5 The ministry controls public financial and material resources, provides food safety and agricultural independence of the state.

2. Functions of the Ministry of Agriculture:
2.1 Direction of the agriculture on the basis of rational use of lands by all the subjects of the land-tenure.
2.2 Making prognoses for the development of agricultural branches and processing of raw materials based on examination and analysis of market requirements and market conditions inside and outside the Republic.
2.3 Formation of the state order and organization of purchases of agricultural production for the State.
2.4 Elaboration and implementation of new economic mechanisms based on mutual interests, the freedom of enterprise, commercial relations and competition, considering an anti-monopoly policy.
2.5 Defining guidelines in carrying out researches and efficient use of achievements in science and technology, taking measures on integration of science and production, introduction of new technologies, scientifically-grounded systems of farming and animal husbandry.
2.6. Providing favourable conditions for farms, cooperative societies, joint stock ventures, integrated associations and other kinds of enterprises in agribusiness.
2.7. Working out and implementation of the programmes of formation and development of the food market, services market, technologies, labour and capital markets adequate to the market infrastructure.
2.8. Elaboration of legal acts on adjustment of a credit policy, taxation, financial support and improvement of the economy of agricultural and processing enterprises, organizations rendering services to the agriculture.
2.9. Introduction of resources-and-power-saving technologies.
2.10. Elaboration and implementation of programmes on development of seed-growing, pedigree husbandry, production of new machines and equipment; provision of the entities engaged in economic activity with seeds and bloodstock.
2.11. Elaboration and implementation of state programmes of melioration, water supply, construction, repair and running of melioration systems, introduction of scientific achievements in the field of sewage-farming.
2.12. Elaboration and implementation of state programmes on development and re-equipment of processing enterprises with modern machines and technologies.
2.13. Dealing with problems:
- inland quarantine of plants, control over importing agrochemicals;
- issuing papers for import and export of seeds and plants;
- licensing works for protection of plants, the right to import and sell agrochemicals.