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Pridnestrovie Foreign Minister will sign new deals only if Moldova will keep them

If Moldova can't keep its earlier signed agreement then there is no point in signing any new ones. That is the opinion of Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister,…


OSCE-head in Tiraspol for talks with Transdniestria"s President, Foreign Minister

OSCE chairman-in-office Ilkka Kanerva visited Transdniestria on Thursday for official talks with the unrecognized country's government. In Tiraspol, he met with President Igor Smirnov, Foreign Minister…


Президент Приднестровья

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Tiraspol metal goods plant named after P. V. Dorrodeev

The lease enterprise, Tiraspol Metal Goods Plant named after P V Dobrodeev celebrated its 70tn anniversary in 1999.
Nowadays production of enamel wares comes to more than 95% in overall production. The program of production provides more than 70 kinds of products.
The main products of the plant - steel enamel wares - are suggested to consumers in parts as well as in sets consisting of 3-8 parts
Lately the plant has started production of enamel wares in dark-brown, cobalt blue and cherry colours, ball-shaped with rust-proof thin rims.
The red-coloured white-spotted sets consisting of 8 parts are very original and well-decorated. The wide choice of tureens and bowls with capacity of 0,6-3,5 liters, mugs - 0,25-1,5 liters, coffee-pots, jugs, scoops and colanders, tea-pots, basins of various capacity.
The plant has started production of 5 kinds of short saucepans since 1999
The enterprise also produces articles made of glazed ceramics pots a la carte, flower pots, ground - and table-type vases.
Tiraspol Metal Goods Plant produces metal beds in assortment, medical beds, hat-and coat stands and cornices, ironing boards, folding beds, ladders, school tables and chairs.
Cheap and comfortable furniture - such as office arm-chairs, tables for 2,4,6 people, folding chairs, stools and chairs, bar furniture and other articles.
With the development of new technologies of polymeric coating all named articles are coloured with high quality pigments and are wonderfully designed The plant's opportunity to fulfil other organizations' and enterprises' orders and colour their products with polymeric pigments also causes a certain interest.
The plant's products are known all around the world as it has such awards as 1996, Vienna - International Award for technology and quality, 1997, Madrid - Golden Award for commercial success, 1998, Mexico - special award "Grand-prix", 1998, America - for high quality of goods and services, 1999, Paris - the award "Europe Arch" for quality Products of Tiraspol Metal Goods Plant are sold at both home and foreign marke.